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Yes they are really helpful, when Bob got ill and couldnt work and were very tight for cash, they came round and we got a help to get our roof fixed- took about 2 wks to get approved. Brilliant. We are both ex forces mind.

Li x
Hi there
My brother receives CA for looking after my mum- he also gets income support and gets his rent paid by the council- is he able to work up to the £95 limit- or will it affect his benefits etc
Li x
Thank you for your reply, yes I think I will make contact with our union regarding this just to keep them in the picture.
Thanks for your help
<t>Hi there<br/> I am currently am looking after my disabled hubby, also my elderly mum who lives with us( has memory probs plus other health probs), and our 2 young kids. I have had to go of sick from work due to me not coping with both caring and working.<br/> Am I right in thinking I now come und...
Thanks for your swift reply, my brother will not be able to actively look for work tho as I am on shift work which makes it awkward for him to even find a job to fit in.
I think I may get my hubby to ring the carers place to discuss it with them before doing anthing

Li x
<t>Hi again guys n gals<br/> Re my situation. I have had a good talk with my brother, who is unemployed at the moment. he has offered to look after my hubby for me and the kids & house etc while I am at work, so that I can continue to work. I would be very happy with this, its a good solution an...
<t>Thanks Meg and Charles, sorry for spelling in last post, I just hate being me at the mo, trying to be all these differnt people. I just seem to get pressure from all sides. I went to CAB but they have a waiting,list for 3 wks, and I cant last that long! Suppose I will have to. I cant contact the ...
<t>Hi there<br/> I posted a while back re my situation but things have got worse,my husband has got worse, ehs just been awarded Dla high rate for both care and mobility, and needs soemone around now as he has been suffering with falls etc. We ahve 2 kids and a emderly mum in the hosue too. I am sti...
Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum.
You are definetley not alone in your feelings, its great to have this forum to share your worries and rants to people who can totally relate to you!!
Your life sounds as manic as mine.

Li x
<t>Hi Rob<br/> Hope things are ok(ish) for you. My hubby hasnt got fredrichs ataxia but he has cerebeller ataxia, not sure which type yet, he is waiting for genetic testing as they believe he inherited it from his dad, but we are relying on the nhs so its been a very frustrating time for us with my ...