You don't need to go to her funeral to show your respects.
I feel sure she hears your prayers and knows what is in your heart.
As do all our loved ones.
both - if you both get a christmas bonus you'll both get the extra money!

marie x
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Hi all. rosemary I mainly worked on the rigs and ships on construction. Only time i went offshore was with the Elgin Franklin. I was a pressure tester but also did other jobs. Camera work,chemical cleaning,oil flushing mainly as a "gaffer". As to scaffs,they are all mad.
But will there only be one bonus for a married couple ,or two?
For example my wife recieves DLA and In Cap and i Carers allowance.
Do we both get it or just one?
I have read and re-read the Gov site and still not sure.
Afternoon thought I would jut get the obligatory " helloâ€Â