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He is ,i am a big fan and this was my second chat with him.
Quite funny as well as he talk about planning the wedding and Katie telling him nothing about the plans Image
I am doing fine thanks
Don’t as a rule post stuff I do on the radio but we are repeating our show with James Toselnad tonight. Just in case anyone is a fan I chat to James as he talks of his retirement, his meeting Katie Melua, now his wife and chooses his favourite music tracks. AS well as sitting my his friends bed as h...
Spell checker,i always compose a post in Word,check it then copy and paste.
Cos i am rubish at speeeling Image
Sorry i read POD as PAD. Image
But still go to itunes and you should be able to get tunes otherwise simply create a folder in My Music,download songs to there when asked by PC then transfer to ipod
Oreos ( Spelling),just wonder how many takes that took Image
<t>You should have iTunes on the pad.<br/> You can search and download music from there,usually costs but there are other ways depending on what you want and how many<br/> There are progs,legal,that rip the music from YouTube vids.<br/> As long as it is for personal use usually no prob,many artists ...
Loads, full sleeve both arms as a back piece plus wedding bands tattooed on.
Rings that cannot be taken off.
Difference between tattooed people and those without one is we don’t care if you not tattooed
Cheers i will check that out Image
Social worker called today.
We have had a week with no phone,ain't BT great. Image
She sounded confused as to what there was on offer Image
Calling back next week to update
It might be,really awaiting post to clear up.
Should have asked but poot phone line,dont ask constant fight with BT,meant i doubt i would have got it regardless