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Also check as many councils run schemes were groups club together to order and get way lower costs then one offs
<t>Mix of bicarb and white vineger<br/> Pour Bicarb down and then vinegar or mix in a plastic bottle and when it fizzs point down plug hole.<br/> Prob here with very hard water,ruined kettles,coffee machine in a few months plus blocks drains.<br/> We use this and works everytime<br/> Just make sure ...
Just write it,its a bit like seeing a post saying "would you come to this event if you could ABC". You get false feedback. Sit down,plan the chapters,make some notes and start http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_wink.gif I did and have a book,plus second and third in planning and a new bigger publis...
<t>No as i said i would not riot but a wave of protests needs to be set in motion.<br/> Many have occured today but as i also said that some people will take that as a reason to commit crime and violence.<br/> Thats life in todays world with or without a protest.<br/> I know which i feel is the best...
Of course people will jump on the band wagon for no more reason then they enjoy the buzz or feel they are striking back. I in no way say “good for them”. But a riot in a field isn’t going to get much attention. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif Yet the Brixton and Poll tax riots are n...
I have just been listening to radio 4 You and Yours while doing the ironing. First topic was on the changes/cuts to the welfare payments that start to kick in on Monday in some cases. They spent some time chatting to a CAB manager and they are expecting a hellish busy few months. They also chatted t...
The queen and her hubby but with no PC guidelines Image
Not a royalist,just the reverse but would love to hear their real opnions
Sorry but no idea who that could be Image
Dont know what happened,he said yes via Twitter,sent him the info sheet,same as JT.
No response.
E mailed him ditto
Loved him when he raced,enjoy his chatter on TV and had just read his book.
Pity,was looking forward to it Image
There was some good song there.
Done a few more shows like that since then,James Whitham said yes then backed out. Image