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Hello AngieM,

Welcome to the forum & I'm pleased to see you putting a positive spin on what must be difficult times ( times? I blame the clock for the unintended pun).

Take care.
Petal wrote:Yet another minefield issue for us then? :(
Hello Petal,

I'm sure that an expert benefit assessment will sort it out.

As Floyd's said, they should do all the possible combinations that relate to your personal circumstances & then you choose the one that gives you the most income.
This is what I was referring to in another post I made where I said that the DWP were keen to get people onto CA because it can be less beneficial to the claimant in some cases like these.
Many many thanks dancing queen, very clearly said, this is why posting on the forum is useful, a mind of information by so many different members, of course we should all check different opinions before taking as Gospel! but yes I will be seeing an advisor from one of the organisations you mention....
I don't want to seem obstructive and as if I'm trying to make it difficult for her to come home but she's 'sweet little old lady' in hospital and everybody loves her but when she's at home she'll be back to Queen Manipulator the First and I'll pay a heavy price for anything she doesn't approve of -...
Hello Catherine & welcome to the forum, A difficult situation but please ensure, from the outset & with no get-out clauses, that your sister shares the caring responsibilites with you from day one. There far too many examples on this forum of carers with siblings who don't give any practical help bu...
Hello Judith,

Are the rest of the forum members safe to assume that, since you've never replied to any offers of help, that you no longer need any help & your daughter's PIP form has been completed?

When someone joins & asks for help it's nice to know what the outcome is as it may well help others.
thankyou 4 your comments meetings got done without me knowing and everything i had said got twisted they are saying i have said she refuses to take medication when i have never said that i have always said she forgets 2 take it , district matron is a cow <sorrry> but of no help all these people mak...
WOW! so much info, hubby is on contribution based ESA and in support group. we get the local housing rate of housing benefit but it does not cover all of our private let rent as we have two bedrooms, flipping bedroom tax! :angry: I did apply for a discretionary housing payment until the end of tax ...
I've had filter man and aerial man try with and without filters and neither makes a difference. I get far more channels than the link above thinks I should be picking up all be it not very reliable. It sounds to me from what I have read transmitter has stopped sending Yesterday channel in my area a...