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Eun sending you hugs. wishing Robert a speedy recovery.
I voted for one of the small parties as I live in a labour safe seat. While at a public meeting this was the only candidate to ask me what we needed as carers. Just waiting to see what happens now.
I have never known NHS to move so quickly. My son had an assement yesterday by NHS occupational therapist. It was agreed he needs a hospital bed. To my amazement it is being delivered on Sunday.
You are not stupid this illness is so hard to deal with. You need to take some time for yourself. Sending you hugs.
Sending you all hugs. Wishing your son all the best take care.
Hate those brown envelopes, I hate the forms especially the ones thy send to a friend "who is blind" when requested in Braille we get I will have to ask my manager. Next time I am going to get him to answer in Braille. Hope they can read it.
He's so cute.
I was tiyding the window box outside the front, when someone from the council praised my efforts to make our block look netted. :D :D
Hi Sue welcome to the forum, can't help with your problem with your husband. As caring for son who also needs incouragment to do things, this does seem to work better with someone from out side. Can only send you hugs. Have you had a carers assement may help you to get more support.
Did they think the majority of people needing help were going to magicly become cured overnight. Also why is it always the people who have to claim that are at fault and not employers who are reluctant to give the disabled a chance.