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Its a minefield that will explode when just one step taken in the wrong direction. What do you all think? I think going by this governments record they will make a complete cock up, cause us carers who are under a great deal of mental stress loads more, and then have to botch any lesiglation (sp)th...
<t>Tell you this, if your filling out a car insurance form, or getting a quote over the phone, DON'T say your a carer because they will think your a NHS/ Private carer which obviously needs transprt for work and will up your premium massively. Say you are a Housewife/Househusband that way you wont g...
HaHa! Thanks for the friendly welcome guys, its much appreciated. I might just do that Excalibur, post some pictures of my "beast"
Thanks for that Charles
Thanks guys for making me welcome Image
Just one thing.....have any of this petitions ever worked? I remember one about not having road pricing when these petitions first started and litterally millions signed it, but its still going to happen, so is there any point to these petitions?
Damn fine article!
Thanks for that Marie, I'll go and see them and try and find a few things out.
only genuine carers should get carers alowance. Im on it because husband has manic depression, schitzophrenia and sleep disorder and is incontinent. So many may try to dfraud the system i hope they get caught. If there wasnt any defrauding wed gte more money. Lets see what todays budget bring 4 us....
This is very interesting! I've been a carer for 17 years and I never knew there was anything available like this! We've just managed to get along with carers allowance and the Mrs disability money. Who would you recommend to ask about whats available?