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<t>only genuine carers should get carers alowance. Im on it because husband has manic depression, schitzophrenia and sleep disorder and is incontinent. So many may try to dfraud the system i hope they get caught. If there wasnt any defrauding wed gte more money. Lets see what todays budget bring 4 u...
<t>hey alex am so so sorry 4 ur loss, u must have loved ur momma dearly so much we r all so sorry 4 u. Have u thought about going on DLA 4 stress or depression and anxiety? because maye u can get that benefit? My husbands on middle rate 4 depression. Speak to ur doctor and u dont necessarly have to ...


excalibur and everyone else i rang hss dept the incapaicty benefits isnt gonna be scrapped. What it is , is that ONLY new claimants will be affected not existing ones.
i rang dhss dept and they told me that carers r in no way gonna be forced onto jobseekers allowance. PS anyone already also on incapacity benefits wont be affected by any new changes either. Its only new claimants


<t>Tony wow. My husbands n drug called quetiapine it has almost stopped his voices cant belive the change in him. His CPN also says that phsychotherapy can acyually stop a lot of voices cus a lo6t of schitzophrenices r the way thyre are cus of past trumas and abuse thye may have encountered. So take...


sounds interesting may look inyo itxx Image
Am new here i like to stay busy with knitting and crosswords and haveng cofees out when i can whilst being carer 4 my disabled husband. Like walks along the local beach.
Hi my names Shandy ie; call me Jo if u like. My husband has schitzophrenia and has had cancer which has left him incontinent. He also has sleep disorder and manic depression. I m his fulltime carere. PLeased to meet u all xx http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_razz.gif http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/...