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got £200 for art n craft materials whilst being a carer form carers grant fund. U can apply 4 it each yr.
My mate her srthritis and tummy pains have dissapeared since she stopped drinking any cows milks. Soya milks better 4 u. Her hand r also healed now du to stopping cows milk too!!
cows milk allergy distrupted my mate. She has soya milk now and her tummy pains and arthritis has dissapeared and also cows milk can cause anxiety problems
ask dentist as he night have what i had is receding gums?? she put a paste onto them which is premenant am better now This was called sensitve teeth
anyone watching the budget? hav heards carers alowance may be even doubled? by april. Hope so??? Image Image
my hubby gets his pads from local hospital incontinence nurse free delivery and u dont have to pay for pads on NHS we get them from NHS delivered free of charge. They will even give u samples to try xx hope that helps. Ring ur local hospital to ask to see incontinence nurse. Cavlon cream hubby gets ...
<t>am sorry if i raised ur expevtations. Well am sure she appreciates ur role as a carer. It must be hard 4 u very hard. My hubby gets voices but is lots better cus hes come off of olanzapine and now gone ontp quetiapine drug with no side effects. His voices was due to long term encountering sexual ...


thats great idea
my husband has also been suicidal . Luckily we live in Devon where the care is soo much better. We moved out of the city where it was more stressful. Is ur caree and u in a city? it does add stress. Maybe move will be good thing?


<t>my hubby is on quetiapine drug now (no side effects eitheter) and his voices r lower YAAYYA. Hes doing a lot better than b4. B4 the quetiapine drug he was on was olanzapine but that drug didnt help much only a little. U can request form ur GP she goes onto queitiapine drug.It works wonders here.<...