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Try not to worry too much about this. Carers UK has a wonderful helpline, and there are a variety of other services available to help. Not sure about Sidmouth itself, but I'm sure there would be something in Exeter. I love your part of the world. I spent 6 weeks every summer with my grandmother in ...
well it certainly sounds like you have your hands full Shandy! suggest wait for PIP letter, will say request a home assessment, and don;t forget it's not what illnesses he has it is about how his disabilities affect his daily life, I'm sure Atos will be able to see that from your home visit, so don...
Hubby is on lifetime DLA here too. I have heard rumours that people on lifetime awards may not be transferred, but that may not be true - perhaps just wishful thinking. I agree with petal, dont worry about that until it comes. If hubby does get the form I will be straight round to CAB for help with...
crocus wrote:Has anyone come across this?


I think it looks worth signing, but I understand if the mods do not like it.
signing xx
Hi am carer for husband. He's on lifetime DLA. All this pip benefits stuff scares me. Hearing scary stories about people havingbenefits and taken away? Husband not yet had a letter to claim pip yet? He injects insulin. Was raped by six men yrs ago, and incontinen t and has to wear pads 24 x 7. He al...
DLA isnt being scrapped DLA and income support helpline told me its a scare and it was a small test that was being carried out ONLY


DLA is 4 folk like my husband who cant work. It as i see it is a sort of wage 4 him although its not a lot but its smthing??? how can they take this away form him. Hes had cancer and is incontinent and scitzophrenia. OH MAN R THEY REALLY TAKING IT AWAY???
is it true green paper [arliament r scrapping DLA? and if so when and what does it leave us?? will invalids etc have to be cared 4 in homes?/ i dont want my husband put into a home??????????
can sumone tell me what the (usa)national health things is all about? isnt that good thing? why r usa folk gettin upset/ Image Image