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Your local fire service will usually have someone who will come to your home and assess your safety from a fire risk angle. It's certainly worth giving them a call.
And surely, the place you are renting isn't 'fit for purpose'. Try the council on that one.
Date now for removal of my metalwork is 10th December.
Also, is Joyful friend's 70th birthday.
Brilliant to hear, Irene.
If you didn't think hubby was safe you wouldn't go anyway, would you?
'You're my wife first, carer second', was what hubby always used to say to me.
Appointment for operation came through this week, to have the metal nail removed from my leg. It was for 2 weeks' time. Bit of a shock, as the consultant told me it'd be around Christmas time (18 months after injury). Basing our lives on THAT, we've booked a weekend in London, plus a bonfire night o...
In my 12 years of experience with agency care assistants, none of the specialist agencies we used, claimed responsibility for any damages to their clients' property. In one case, the care assistant was driving my husband out of a supermarket car park, the wrong way down one of the aisles. A car (qui...
Go on then! I think teachers are more sympathetic if you're learning at 'an older age' (eek, dodging the cushion you've just chucked at me). Spent 3 days last week at posh spa hotel and a whole afternoon being pampered and swimming (friend taught me breast stroke, but my leg didn't like that frog mo...
Scally's right, Henrietta. You say you have nothing valuable in the house, well I say, yes you do. Your privacy is at stake here. The entire house is subject to being disected and pried upon and you can't be around all the time. I once found a PA sitting on the settee in our lounge, flicking casuall...
Hi Hannah, How's your clothing progressing??? The biggest problem late hubby had was finding t-shirts and jumpers which were long enough to give plenty of tuck-in to trousers. He found shop bought ones too short in the body, thus causing gaps between trouser waistbands and bottom of shirts, causing ...
Oh dear, Henrietta. Sounds like the assistant will do things that relate to your dad and not things which help you (as in the remit). Get onto their bosses about this. This used to happen in our house with our PAs, as if I didn't matter or help them enormously. Speak to someone about it. Don't let y...
Well, look at you two!
Great pic.
ps. careful what you say, Melly, might go to his head
(luvs ya Pete)