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When hubby was alive we used to buy sports jogging trousers with zipped leg bottoms. Elasticated waists meant that they could be pulled up as high as you like, plus the zipped bit at the bottom of the legs meant that they weren't sitting tight up against leg bags or putting pressure on them. The woo...
Lack of plain ol' common sense these days.
Lack of general knowledge by young people.
Lack of manners, especially please and thank you s.
The 'I'm better than you' attitude.

I think that's enough for now.
I'm 1959 and had no idea about this.
How does the law stand on this? Are you obliged to actually let them in the door of your home, if you and your mother don't want them there? Exactly WHO decided that the assistants should come every day? It's YOU who says when during which days you need help, surely? Sorry for all the questions, jus...
Oh yes, never a truer phrase spoken, Maz. Someone I'd been friends with for 24 or so years, appeared suddenly on my doorstep a week after my husband's funeral. I was in my coat, about to launch myself out into the big wide world again, which took a lot of courage, obvious to anyone I was about to go...
Definately 1
Cuddles to all of them and let's look forward to the new year.
Hiya Russell, Have no experience of the things you were concerned about, but just like to say you are welcome on this site to yap about anything you want to. Just to make you feel that you aren't alone in your caring role. We are a friendly bunch who yap about anything, have a look at the other page...
Hello to all our Newbies,
Not heard from some of you for a while and just wondering how you are?
There's always someone about at most times, needing a chat about anything at all!
So if you wanna chat about anything at all, go ahead. All friendly and understanding and open minded on here.
Take care.
Hello Katrina, Although I have no experience whatsoever of your son's condition, I want to say that you are welcome and want you to feel free to post whenever you want, about anything you want. Someone will 'talk' to you, we're all carers (or used to be carers) and may not understand anything about ...