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Have just finished Hold the Line, about local man who was a telecommunications engineer in WWI. It explained about his life and travels before 1914 and about what happened to him after the war ended. Another book about WWI which I couldn't put down. His name is Rowland Hill - NOT the man who introdu...
Sending you my love, Eun. x
Hi Henrietta, Mark used to wear trousers from the larger sportswear shops, the one you find on retail parks. They look like jogging trousers, I guess, but aren't the wooly looking ones, rather the fabric is matt black (or matt navy blue) and they have zips at the base of the legs and no elastic bott...
I'm going to get on to the HMRC about it, just not done it yet.
Birds NOT in the garden...................you WON'T find an ostrich in the garden. That's what I meant.....outside Australia and Africa that is.
Eun - if you're talking about Assisted Coughing, this should be taught to you as a matter of course should Robert need to cough. I had to do this 80% of the time every time Mark needed to cough, but the nurses at the spinal unit showed me. Have a word with the ward sister to get someone to make time...
An ostrich??????
Well, today I've had four emails purporting (is that the right word?/spelling?) to be from HMRC, within 20 minutes of each other. All headed Final Payment Request. They all arrived in typewriter type lettering, as if sent from a mobile phone/tablet etc, not normal email type lettering. They then wen...
I have just read a book about Frances Kray, the first wife of Ronnie Kray. It was so sad and tragic for the woman, I couldn't put it down.
Have now started The Bomb Girls, (Jacky Hyams), about the women who worked in the munitions factories during WW2. Fascinating and informative.
You keep hurting yourself David??? I was emptying the dishwasher this morning and split my nail deep down in the pink bit on the corner ............... I WAS ONLY PUTTING THE FISH-SLICE INTO THE UTENSIL POT!