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I don't want to sound too dispondant, but its getting worse out there for mental health support and not better, I look after my husband, so I know
can you not maybe start off with someone she knows popping in once a day or that? then sort of work up to it by introducing someone new, but she looks at them as a visitor and someone to chat to as opposed to taking things away from her life? just a thought
They will use anything and anybody and any situation to get where they want to be its either using children and education, lower paid, higher paid, anything that is the ''topic' of debate closest to peoples hearts, dont be mislead folks
over 2 milliona viewers? and each of them having an oppinion? nope, no thanks
oh I missed it Image
Talking of art....................they have just started up a carers art class in my area.Will I go? nope, I don't paint, I dont draw, should I go for the fellowship? I think not, why cant they come up with things we need, like a day trip out and someone to look after our carees for a change?
I'm always behind with my payements, this winter my bill came to over £400
well, at least things are turning out for the best, and as for you kiddo, try to sit back and reflect on your marvelous trip
no extra then lol
<t>This duty of care thing, its a cope out, they get a monthly pay for their "duty of care" with holidays off, bank holidays free and 'knocking off time' we? we have a duty of care 24/flipping 7. I am not moaning, wouldnt have it any other way and would still stay where I am caring for my husband as...