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<t>In my opinion all the fight has gone out of Nan. She knows that she is coming to the end of her life, the doctors have said this, she is in the final stages of renal failure and her heart is failing(despite her never having had any heart problems before) both problems go hand in hand. All she kee...
Very frustrating and stressful. These people think we have nothing better to do than waste our valuable time running back and forth to pointless meetings.
Daisy, we all get disheartened about these things, but as we all know we have to keep on fighting.
Take care,
Karen x
It's very true Alex. When Nan went on a cruise a few years ago I spent my time wandering about feeling as though my right arm had been chopped off, it was a horrible feeling.
I must confess the whole time she was away I spent worrying about her being alright.
Karen x
<t>Went to visit my dear old Nan in her "new" hospital surroundings today. Staff are brilliant, hospital is clean and food is good. She was transferred there for some rehab. I was informed this afternoon that she should be ready for discharge in a couple of days. They also pointed out that she has d...
Hi Vicky,
Welcome, great to meet you. We all support and help each other here.
Karen x
Hi Gemstar,
Welcome to the forum. You should be able to get an assessment from social services and get a care package put together for your Nan which would take some of the pressure off your Grandad.
Karen x
Glad you had a fab time. Image
Thanks for the info Susie, I was not aware that AA wasn't means tested.
The rules STINK. Situations should be assessed on an individual basis. The important factor is that Sarah is getting the care she needs from you(over the "required" 35 hours). Your studying is worked around your caring. Keep fighting.
Take care,
Karen x
<t>Hi Rie,<br/> As a Mother you know your son better than anybody, if you think something is not right then persist until you are satisfied. In this day and age I don't think there is such a thing as being over protective, we all want our children to be as safe and well as they can be. You are a bri...