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Hopping mad we were robbed, shuld have had 3 points!!!!!Grrrr Image Image From all accounts it was an entertaining match.
Hi Leon,
Welcome, nice to meet you. Image
Karen x
Things are looking up for you then. Good news about your glucose tests.
Hi Vicky,
Welcome to the forum.
Karen x
<t>Hi,<br/> My OH had a Bullectomy last August. It's classed as COPD, picked up on a routine x-ray, it's a little known condition where the linings of the lung separate and fill with air. He was suffering repeated chest infections, severe shortness of breath, losing weight, constantly fatigued and h...
<t>Danny,<br/> This doesn't make you a bad person at all. We carers all have feelings of guilt at one time or another. My Grandad on Dad's side of the family coped for many years looking after my Nan who has dementia, it was only in the latter stages of his life that Nan went into a home. He found i...
Sarah's having a whale of time which is good
Glad to hear that Sarah is having a great time.
My eldest son was at Villa Park on Tues for the Eng/Wales U21, said it was a good match.
Take Care,
Karen x
This girlie is a Sunderland fanatic!!!!
Get a bit fed up of being asked why a London gal supports a team so far away!!!
Just bought a new book, Sunderland A Club Transformed...... a pretty good read.
Tried that as well, she will not entertain the idea. I really do not know what to do for the best.
I really need to have a good talk with all concerned at the hospital.
I've added my name, no problem with activation email. Have passed the link on to numerous friends as well.
OH has added his name and is going to pass the link on to his friends as well.