It's a constant spending circle, mattresses, bedding, towels, clothes, slippers. I'm lucky in the respect my Nan absolutely refuses to let us be out of pocket.
The whole situation stinks. Hope you gave them a good piece of your mind.
Take care,
Karen x
Thanks for the info Pete, I'll mention it to the GP.
Take care,
Karen x
Nan is just on electric and her DD has recently doubled from £35 to £70 per month. Just had my electric bill and it was over £200 for the quarter.
I've never come across this in a surgery. It's not practical.
Just thought I'd update you all. I've had a good chat with the OT at the hospital who has answered all my questions and will involve me in all the assessments. I feel a lot better now.
All the best in your new home. Image Image
I found that Johnson's baby shower creams/gels worked well on my Grandmothers skin when it got really bad.
Hi Sue,
Good to meet you. Image Image .
Karen x
Hi Matt,

I too found the site when searching for carers information. Keep up the good work. Image Image