A very well put argument. The powers that be don't care because we are doing the work and saving them money.
A lot of the time we have an uphill struggle just to get the pitiful amounts we are entitled to by law.
OH not happy as Spurs lost again!!!
Image Image Image Image Image Great news.
Hope all goes well for you Jojo. will be thinking about you.
Karen x
We have been treated like that no end of times. Rather than blowing my stack I start talking to them in the same manner and when they question it I politely explain it's the way they have been speaking to us. Works every time. Have you noticed if you are with someone in a wheelchair they are always ...
Hopping mad we were robbed, shuld have had 3 points!!!!!Grrrr Image Image From all accounts it was an entertaining match.
Hi Leon,
Welcome, nice to meet you. Image
Karen x
Things are looking up for you then. Good news about your glucose tests.
Hi Vicky,
Welcome to the forum.
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<t>Hi,<br/> My OH had a Bullectomy last August. It's classed as COPD, picked up on a routine x-ray, it's a little known condition where the linings of the lung separate and fill with air. He was suffering repeated chest infections, severe shortness of breath, losing weight, constantly fatigued and h...