I just buy what we need, most of what is classed as "traditional Christmas fayre" only I like and I don't eat much anyway, so got a lump of beef big enough for Xmas day and Boxing Day and the same for over New Year, will just do some roasts, mash, veg and Yorkshire puds, simples. Don't send many car...
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. x x
No1mum Please tell your daughter I'm shouting " come on you blues" lol! The 1st footie match I ever went to was blues v Aston villa. No idea about it, just trying to be with to impress my boyfriend( now my hubby) . Didn't realise they had swapped over, so shouted ' yes' when villa scored!! Whoops. ...
Out and out Sunderland fan :D, both my boy's are Manchester United supporters and my daughter is a Birmingham City supporter.
We've had this problem in recent weeks with various programmes, "our normal" volume one minute, then volume dropping, then going loud because we've turned volume up because it has dropped.
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. :)
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. I don't want to be a scaremonger but was your hubby tested to see if he had suffered a mini stroke or mild stroke, there is also the possibility that the infection hasn't cleared properly but isn't showing up on tests, it may be worth pushing for further tests/inv...
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum, I think we on the forum have tended to find a lot of things are governed by the postcode lottery, help given depends on the area you live in.
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Have you had an carers assessment done to assess your needs as a carer, not easy for you to juggle everything, details can be found on our help and advice page.