6. Mary and Joseph.
Crafting corner is now open for all us crafters, current project is a cross stitch of King Tutankhamun.
Same here, I have found windows 10 an absolute nightmare, it keeps doing things to my laptop that make it so hard to navigate and use and removes and moves stuff.
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum. We don't judge anyone on here. Well done for making the appointment with the psychotherapist.
20 is Bethlehem
Count me in for watching It's A Wonderful Life.

Round, flat black things are back in fashion now.

Black coffee with a dash of Tia Maria for me please.
Can we have some ideas for disco corner please, it's all set up now, festive and non festive tunes please. :)
I've just been and stocked up chocolate corner, massage area is now all ready for use.