Hopefully you are able to get this horrible mess sorted out soon.
Carpet in the living area for me.
I'm logged in but no private sections are showing, nor can I get into any moderator sections or functions.
I'm well acquainted with stoma bags that don't want to stay put, our remedy for them was blenderm tape which was given on prescription, not sure if that is still the case, if not I know it can be bought on Ebay. Loose stools can be helped with Immodium, which was also given on prescription. There ar...
Most definitely..........just wish I could sleep.
There are a wide range of helpful sites on the internet regarding colostomy/stoma help/care, I wish they had been readily available years ago when I had to deal with stoma care. Find out if you have a local stoma nurse, they can be a wonderful source of information and can advise on all aspects rega...
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us Eun. x x
Eun, well done to you both for getting out, huge hugs to you both. x x
Hi Freda, welcome to the forum. Click on the help and advice tab, there you will find details of how to contact our adviceline, phone lines do get busy so please be patient, alternatively you can email the advice team in confidence.
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