Under the rainbow
Rain Man
Space poddity, I like it, could make it our charity record for next Christmas. Time.to rock around the Christmas tree 😁
We can stop here indefinitely.
I sampled some very strange purple and yellow cakes, made me feel rather jolly.
Who's for karaoke 😁
Dance floor it is, we can make the dance up as we go along πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Also worth filling in the form for attendance allowance, if hubby is already receiving AA them apply for the higher rate because of change of circumstances.
Did we all enjoy our planetary presents, my moon boots for perfectly.
Is it time for the evening drinks and knees up now?
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Plenty of lovely people on here with knowledge and advice.
I was at rock bottom with my caring role at the time I joined, the help and advice I received from members was fantastic.
Coffee and cake for me please. I've brought along some pretty lights and tinsel for the trees. Tins of chocolates and pringles for us to nibble on.