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Hi No 1, and a very big welcome.

I apologised to someone in the medical profession once for being a bit bossy. They replied that I had every right to be bossy after everything I'd been through. I haven't been through half as much as you it would seem - so GO GET 'EM!

Hello Dolphy, I would like to welcome you too.

How are this weekend?

A very high percentage of the assistance that I received for my son was from charity. Image

<t>Yes Charles I think you have a very good point there. Before treatment his soft palate was misshapen and pushed down on one side. Even though it has returned to the correct shape I think it is possibly still sensitive and therefore my son could very well make that association. He's not too keen o...
Got my son's "Major Buggy" from OT. It was very basic. We had no rain cover and used an upturned picnic blanket to keep him warm and dry.
My dictionary gives the same definition for caregiver and carer . It says for both, someone who is responsible for looking after another person, for example, a person who is disabled, ill or very young It also gives examples of the correct use of the words http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleye...
Thanks, that sounds like a good idea and I'm sure my son would in time be able to brush his own teeth. I'll let you know how I get on.
I loved our Motability car and I really miss it now I've had to give it up. The car dealership were fab and they gave my son a souvenir model of the car. When I had to give the car back I tried giving back the model and keeping the full size one but unfortunately I didn't get away with it. http://ww...
due to the nature of her illness we both feel that it is important for her to have her own space that she can occupy when she needs to be alone. Welcome! As a carer with depression I can really understand the need for your girlfriend to have her own space so I wish you lots of luck with your new ho...
Does anyone have any advice about the best way to clean my son's back teeth? However careful I am I always seem to cause discomfort. He has got the smallest, softest toothbrush I can find. Image