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<t>Good luck! All you can do is say how it affects you on a daily basis and how it affects those around you. I'm sure that they know who is genuine and who isn't. Try keeping a diary so that you can say what happened and when. It really does help, especially if you are nervous, to be able to give th...
<t>It is absolutely one of the worst feelings in the world! I hate it when my son goes away ... but he's soon back again and we get back into the old routines. I do find myself standing still in the middle of a room wondering what to do sometimes though, and the house is SO QUIET when he's not aroun...
Hello Gemstar, nice to meet you. Hope you find us helpful.

Enjoy the wedding - safe journey.
Hi Linn

You sound like you need some proper TLC and someone to listen properly and then take some positive action. Can your "other, adult son" not take some of the strain? Even just an hour or so to give you a breather?

Big hugs
Rie (also single mum)
Welcome Vicky, nice to meet you.

This is a great place to make friends with other carers. You should get a lot of support and helpful info too.

Enjoy! Image

I find the whole thing way too scary. Rie Hi Rie, Do you mean a situation like this scares you or fact that I have posted the article.Although I find all view points and this topic interesting, there may be others here like yourself who dont wish to read stuff like this.Just let me know okay and I ...
I find the whole thing way too scary.

I have read all this with a great deal of interest and will return soon in order to follow some of the links.

Alex, I feel like I know you much better now! It's been such a fight for you hasn't it? However, you've found time to study, care and fight the cause so well done you!

All the best
Thanks Karen. It's sometimes difficult especially when I'm under pressure to get him back to school. He's only done a few days this term but I can tell he's not well. All the colour drains out of his face mid afternoon and that's that. He says his body "deactivates". Anyway, time for me to deactivat...
<t>Finally I've got a doctor to admit that my son is suffering late side effects - unfortunately the consultant still implies that I'm being over protective.<br/> <br/> If I hadn't have been persistant when my son was first ill, his symptoms would not have been investigated, and he would not be aliv...