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I've voted too! I was really bad after my flu jab and wouldn't have one again. My Mum can't have hers this year as she is bed ridden and they won't give it to her at home as they say she won't catch flu as she isn't going out!!
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Hi Leon
Nice to meet you
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Sorry to hear about your Mum. My Mum also has Vascular Dementia and she is bedridden and cannot do anything for herself either, but for now she is still at home with me. Wishing you all the best finding the right home for her if that's what she needs. I know what you are going through. Take care Blu...
Hi Vicky and welcome
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Hi Everyone I thought I would add a Cardiff City fan to the collection, although I don't get to go to Championship matches now, I just watch the commentary on my laptop! I did manage to go to the FA Cup Final at Wembley in May. Great day out even though we didn't win! Bluebird x http://www.carersuk....
<t>Hi Steve,<br/> <br/> I had to give up work to look after my Mum who has vascular dementia and has had 20 strokes/tia's. My honest advise to you is to see if you could at least work part time and maybe get a care package from Social Services to help you the rest of the week. SS in Cardiff are real...
Hi Di,

Glad that the OT has been out to see you and your Mum, I hope that you are managing with the new equipment. I too am struggling with caring at the moment, I haven't slept since Wednesday night and am exhausted. Lets hope things get better for us,
Love Bluebird x
Hi Rie,

In case you don't see my reply on the other topic, lets hope that the sun shines on you and your little boy too, you sound like a fabulous Mum.

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Hi Rie

Thank you. Lets hope the sun shines on all of us tomorrow.

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Hi Mark I hope that by now you have had your assessment, it not get your GP to chase them up for you. My assessment took place 3 weeks after my GP got involved and they have provided me with 10 hours off over 7 days to have sometime to myself which started last week. It doesn't help with the tiredne...