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Hi Lorraine,
Welcome to the forum. I'm quite new 2, but they seem a friendly and helpful bunch so far! .
Bluebird x
Thank you Rosemary and Charles47, I did power of attorney for my Mum before she had dementia so I guess I am ok. Hope you can get sorted easily New2.
Bluebird x
welcome New2, there are lots of friendly knowledgeable people on here who will come through soon. I would be interested in this answer too if anyone knows it as I have power of attorney for my Mum, but no-one has mentioned a guardianship agreement to me.
Bluebird x
Thinking about you both. I hope you have friends or family to support you.
Take care Love Bluebird xx
I know how you feel, I have put on weight since becomming a carer. I'm not able to leave the house for a walk or any exercise. I do get a sitter for my Mum for 10hours over the 7 days, but I am either meeting friends (which I think is good for me) or rushing around doing things that need doing! Toni...
Thinking of you and your family Karen at this sad time
Bluebird x
Hi Kathryn and welcome to the forum. There are lots of friendly people here to help you along.
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Good to hear from you Danny. You are being a tremendous support to your Dad and I bet he is really proud of you. I hope you have lovely friends like I do to support you too. I hope social services come through for you. Keep in touch
Love Bluebird x
Yes it does us good to sound of now and then Pete and we all need hugs now and then too. By the way, please don't let your daughter into Cardiff with handbags to sell, there's already enough out there for me to buy, I don't need anymore!!
Take care,
Bluebird xx
Hugs to you Pete, I wish you could get some outside help, even a few hours helps me. My Mum sulks everytime I go out and tries to stop me going so it isn't easy and I feel guilty, but its so nice just to breathe fresh air now and again.
take care,
Bluebird x