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Hi Wolfman and welcome. You will meet lots of lovely people on here.
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Welcome on board. There are lots of friendly and helpful people on here and you won't be new for long Image
It seems ridiculous that no-one wants them, I would have thought a care home would be very grateful. I have a very rude and unhelpfull District Nurse who I spoke to again yesterday about pants, wipes etc and she says that someone will ring me, but Mum will still have to be assessed and the process w...
Thanks Charles I will, you often get different answers on different days don't you... I'll let you know how I get on.
It seems that this varies from region to region. My Mum is bedbound and I have to buy incontinence pants, wipes and creams for her which currently cost me £50 - £60 a week. I have asked the DN who comes once a week (to take Mum's INR) and she has told me that I have to fill out an assessment f...
Thanks Rosemary. I don't fit the criteria. Oh, well!I have written to Health Challenge Wales now, so Bluebird, if I hear anything back, I will let you know. Thanks Rosemary, this was all I could find aswell but unfortunatly I don't fit the criteria either! http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolley...
I think we'd all agree on this one. It's the same old thing, until people experience something themselves they have no idea how difficult it can be. My Mum is now bedbound, but when I used to take her out in the wheelchair, I just used to end up ramming people's ankles if they didn't move! One woman...
I am listening to the Politics show, while I am on here. At the moment, we are hearing about obesity. It has said that there is free swimming in Wales, so I will have to look that one up, as I hadn't heard about it. Occasionally during Carers week, Carers get a free swim, but the formfilling is so ...
Thanks Rosemary, I wasn't able to watch it earlier, but will have a look later so that I know what you are all talking about.