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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the Forum and a new bunch of friends!

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the Forum. I care for my Mum (89) who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gave up work to look after her full time - there are times when I want to 'scream' but I care, as we all do.

We are here for each other and for you. Take care

Hi Paula,

Welcome to the Forum. A great place to chat with fellow carers. We all have different 'caring' situations but its a good place to swop ideas/experiences and I find I learn about other peoples experiences.

Welcome from me

Back in the 70's the Government wanted to extend the M3 down into Hampshire. At the time I was working for the County Council - along come the local BBC people to interview various concerned parties outside the front of the offices. I was involved with getting committee reports printed, and the main...
Delivery on a Sunday - that's marvellous

Hello Ellen, I look after my Mum (89) and one of my sisters puts her 5pence worth in every so often. It annoyed me but I bit my lip. When talking to a friend, they suggested that her behaviour may be down to guilt. Guilt at what I am doing! You are doing really well, but I agree with Crocus - just s...
Hello Yvonne, Welcome - I too had problems with work and was 'forced' to leave. Even a year on and I still feel 'anger'. 2 members of staff were determined to undermine me and my confidence went right out the window. I also had issues because I was having to take Mum (Rheumatoid Arthritis & blood cl...
Hi Shelly,

Welcome and hugs to you and yours.
We all go through these emotions at times, but we are here for you.

Take care and lots of love

Hi there,

Welcome to the friendly site! Feel free to shout, rant, scream, let off steam - we are here to listen, help, advise or just 'cuddle' - and no, you are not whingeing.

Welcome JessTheCat

Juggler - I agree with you. Think I'll stay under my duvet for the foreseable.

I can't wait until they interview the office cat or dog and then I know it's all over!

Fun fun fun all the way.