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Since I've been home full-time, I have got to see the local natives a lot. Most of them are friendly, and I've struck up good friendships, particularly as they have known Mum. However there are the oinks who look at you as though you are asking them to explain Einsteins theory of relativity! One blo...
Matthew, Hi & welcome to the Forum. Don't worry about crying - we've all done it and it's human. Life probably seems B awful at the moment but it will get better, slowly. Please please don't go through this on your own. Here on the Forum we are here for you, to listen, support, advise and even (((((...
This sounds a bit 'weird' to me. Since when does a public organisation have to resort to 'text' messages to obtain information?

Might be worth ringing them to see what is what.
Thanks for all the information about Facebook. My eldest sister had suggested that I signed up because many family members, including her kids, and it would be a good way to keep in touch. I had, like many people, had my reservations about getting on to FB because of security/press issues but I will...
Hi Eileen and Welcome, Feel free to 'garble' - we all do it! The life of a carer is a varied one and nothing (no courses, exams or otherwise) can prepare you for it, but we all have ways of coping. I find the Forum is helpful and warm. No one judges you - we are hear to listen/read/maybe advise but ...
Hi Alex, Welcome to the Forum. I look after my 89 Mum who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. As Scally mentions, there are many different carers looking after many different loved ones. The good thing about this forum is the opportunity to 'chat' - whether about your immediate situation or just to find a 'fr...
Hi Brightside,

Welcome to the Forum. We are here for you. I was nervous when I first joined but I know that there are plenty of friends out there.

Take care

An Old man was having problems getting to sleep so he decided to 'talk' to his body. Feet & legs - go to sleep! Trunk - go to sleep! Arms - go to sleep! Neck- go to sleep! He was just about to tell his head to go to sleep, when this gorgeous blonde lass walked in to the bedroom wearing a negligee. T...
Thinking of you all at this time and will remember you even more on Wednesday

Take care

Hi Judy,
Welcome to the Forum

I look after my Mum (89 - Rheumatoid Arthritis)
We are hear to help/listen/advise/support.

You are not alone and I hope we can all help you out.

Take care, love and hugs