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Evidently I chose the slow lane...why can't you pack faster? :dry:
Can you believe her basket - double cream and diet pepsi!? :S
What not to do, or say, at a supermarket checkout.

Actually do you mind if I push in front of you - you have got such a huge trolley!
Why do all the doctors here look so unhealthy? :unsure:

Next, and final letter (for this topic) is Y. Whoever posts with a Y can
then choose the next topic or say they are opening it up to others to do so.
"Try telling the doctor about alternative remedies...they won't be told!"
Quick...let's all have a spontaneous sing song and cheer ourselves up....how about "knocking on heaven's door?"
Just joined site as looking anywhere for support - no friends at all to talk to about how scared and lonely I am as other half sick long time. So let down that old friends just don't care enough to even send a text message in weeks. No one to talk about feelings of loss - work full time and all cou...
Oh I hope you don't mind me eating this takeaway...just that I have to dash off after the appointment.
Thanks Brindleboy for your kind post. It just felt a bit like closure for me to record the change. I am mindful that hearing the words "getting my life back" may evoke sadness, depression and/or stress so I played down how wonderful that feels. I am also aware that so many here have it much harder ...
Hi - I haven't been that active on this forum but, for what it's worth would just like to share my transition. I have been a carer for my mother for 10 years. The first 8 years were part-time, the last 2 years where I moved in with her and cared for her full time, following her 2nd stroke and heart...