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I am currently reading a new, pioneering book entitled "Conscious Medicine" by Gill Edwards, who is well qualified to write this book. It discloses HOW MUCH our thoughts and emotions initiate and affect our body, i.e. illnesses. Science is rapidly catching up with this area, e.g. neuropeptides - cut...
<t>Here are some more one-liners (from my joke collection):-<br/> - A pessimist is an optimist with experience<br/> - The meek shall inherit the earth ... they're too weak to refuse!<br/> - How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I'll tell you later<br/> - Beethoven was so deaf, he thought he was a pa...
The meek shall inherit the earth .... if that's alright with the rest of you...?
I didn't know about these boot pulls - will check it out.
Yes, your feet might sweat a bit with the plastic bags - I was thinking for winter (in the snow) when they're more likely to give added insulation/warmth than actually make you sweat.
Yes, it's not a very good picture. The advert I saw showed soles that looked foil-like with circular coils.
Today I saw an advert for special "electric" insoles that slip into your shoes. They emit a safe electrical current to conduct heat, powered by batteries carried on the ankle. Haven't actually SEEN them (just the advert) - from Maplins - about £14.
Thought you might like to know - if you insert each foot into a small plastic bag BEFORE putting on your wellies, your feet will slide out quite easily! A sturdy bag with handles is ideal, e.g. the ARGOS bag (that they give away with their catalogue).
6 "sorry, I've forgotten who you are...."
7 "you know, Hitler was greatly misunderstood...."
8 "so I'll get the black candle, if you can disrobe now"
Hi SandyShea I- wow .. you sound like a kindred spirit! I'm into health foods and nature too. Since you mention soil depletion as being common, then you may know that SELENIUM is the mineral the U.K. government keeps going on about, i.e. that most of us now may lack. Used to be in our (U.K) wheat, n...
Just to qualify - I didn't recommend taking Vitamin B in large/unusual quantities.
Sorry SandyShea - got your name wrong .... although there IS something super about you!!