Thanks for nothing...starting the next person's basket before I even have time to pack! :S we have to endure that music? :blink:
I can share a better personal example of serendipity that has happened to me. It was at a traumatic time when my mother had yet another stroke. I had been a part time carer for her (8 years) but this was about to change to moving in with her, i.e. becoming a full time carer. An unusual occurrence t...
I would like to start a thread on this so we can share our experiences of is when something happens that was unexpected but like a happy discovery. Last week I was unable to take a shortcut due to a blockage with building work. So it was that I had to make a longer detour to go h...
Please stop asking if I have a loyalty card and if I can pack my bags!!! I still have the use of my brain and hands. :dry:
No way....she has foie gras in her basket! :ohmy:
Lots to eat much for detoxing! :S
I don't know how you can stand doing this check out job! :S
Great, can I be good and not eat the whole trifle?