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Does this mean I get another go? Or would that be greedy? Well I guess I will find out if this post is pulled!

1. I'm a crispaholic (addicted to crisps)
2. I shared the same bill as Harry Hill
3. I have been immensely successful/lucky with love.
Nope! So I win! I did really almost drown in the Med - floating in undercurrents. (Didn't know there were such things as undercurrents). Saved by my sister with her life-saving skills. It was a life-transforming day precipitating a total reappraisal with what I wanted from life.(Incidentally, once ...
Wrong - I am actually! It's someone who is spiritually advanced who works with others to support, advise and aid their progress. Image
Can I have another go?

1. I almost drowned in the Mediterranean
2. I am a spiritual lightworker
3. I have 2 lovebirds.
Minnie - Dylan Moran is quite a famous stand up comedian who also starred in Black Books, Channel 4, and in Sean Of The Dead (Simon Pegg's spoof zombie film). NO!/Wrong! http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif Michael Parker got it right - alas have hardly ever been thin! http://www.carers...
1. I've been homeless
2. I've always been thin
3. I could have gone out with Dylan Moran
Was just trying to bring a little humour (fuel-related, did you miss that?) into
the bleak topic. Apparently not successfully!
Why is it that the mirror betrays me? Who is that old woman staring back at me? No, I am SO much younger than she!!
Unless Nurse Comes Losing Energy!!!

who could best lead with the rainbow banner. They were too busy to notice