What NOT to say to a carer.............

Be calm...why are you so stressed!? :ohmy: :angry: :blink:

(Oh...out of synch again...seem to recall this happens when I get an email notification but I need to refresh the current thread else miss new posts)
Well that was a waste of 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back! :dry: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next and last letter is Y [/b] (since x and z are sticklers/too hard). Whoever posts a Y reply can choose the next topic ...
Thankfully it's nearly over...I was losing the will to live! :oops:

(Oops sorry about the alphapbet slip up earlier...what was I thinking? Obviously not thinking! :blink: )
Let's see how funny their expressions look with the sound off!
I wonder why a game is taken so seriously? :unsure:
Guess watching grown men chase a ball is interesting to some! :dry: :whistle: :S :blink:
Entertainment? Stuck here in a pit with morons? :whistle:
What not to say at a footie match.

Being competitive SUCKS!!!! :P
You've got to be kidding - £4.99 for a jar of artichoke hearts?? :ohmy: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game goes as far as Y (since x and z are usually too difficult). Normally whoever does Y can pick the next topic but, would ...
Very interesting....so you say Aldi is better than this store?