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Leading UK voices from carers, disability rights, user groups and individuals have joined in partnership to call for radical changes for everyone touched by the care and support system, with the launch today of a new report.

http://www.carers.org/news/care-and-sup ... 20,NW.html

By nature, I’m an optimistic kind of person that likes to believe the best in people. Sometimes, it works out for the best, but you can also be left shaking your head in disbelief. Which is what I’m doing regarding disability benefits and the Green Paper. To the many carers who have co...
When Labour won the election in 1997, some said that New Labour was Old Conservative. What they meant by this was that the “new normalâ€Â
Thanks for posting those links Rosemary.

You can watch the GMTV video on the story,
http://www.gm.tv/videos/gmtv-highlights ... arers.html

http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/r ... te_breaks/ CARERS in Redbridge have called on health bosses to fulfil their promise of providing them with much-needed respite breaks. Hundreds of full-time carers across the borough expected to receive short rest periods this year as part of a government...
Vicky. I think it'd be worth bringing these points up in the chat, if you want to go. It's at least a chance to speak to NAS directly and explain why you feel this way.

And some of the other carers in the chat might be able to help.

Hey Vicky, I thought this campaign on benefits might be interesting for carers. Let's see how it goes in the chat.

http://www.crosbyherald.co.uk/news/cros ... -24878917/

A MOTHER whose autistic son is one of the people being hit by new travel charges believes most carers will struggle to pay the fees.

I'll let the 'heavies' know you're coming along. Image
On Wednesday 14th October we have Jonathan, Welfare Rights Advisor for the National Autistic Society, in our chatroom from 7.00-8.00pm. On 13th October, the National Autistic Society (NAS) launches its new campaign, ‘Don’t Write Me Off’. Due to the lack of understanding, services...