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<t>I have thought long and hard about this post and have to say up front that I hope I don't offend anyone with my thoughts.<br/> <br/> 50 or so years ago life expectancy was much less than it is today; this is in part due to better and more accessible health care. It strikes me that those of us car...
Dear Eun Can't help re the agencies - but re the disabled badge; ours are issued with a separate cardboard clock for use in parking areas that have a time limit (usually 3 hours). You just set the time you arrive so that the wardens don't issue a ticket for overstaying. The Direct Gov website gives ...
Trouble with thresholds, moving in bed (does anyone know a good source of cheap satin sheets?), hi Danny I tried googling 'cheap satin sheets' and got a few web sites up, but when I looked most seem to be complete duvet sets with doubles from about £15. Amazon had the most - they also had a sele...
<t>Hi LoobyLoo<br/> <br/> know just what you mean - my Mum is 85 and has dementia and lots of mobility problems. Despite having a sister I care for her virtually single handed.<br/> <br/> Trying to get her to take her meds is a battle royal most days and I'm always being told I don't understand or I...
the last time I had a cup of tea BROUGHT to me was over 30 years ago before I left home. My Dad was always the first up and he made tea for everyone - better than an alarm clock !

Nowadays I sometimes make one and take it back to bed if I've got the time - not very often !
we are the most amazing bunch of people I know.
hear, hear - 3 cheers for us
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
welcome to the madhouse Dan Image
Happy Birthday Sarah - hope you have a great day Image Image Image
Hi Dean welcome to the forum. Sorry its long winded but I thought you should hear what weve been through and this is the fisrt time i've ever written it. . don't apologise for sharing your exerience with us - I too have found it very cathartic to write down my feelings and share my experience with t...
all this chat about bonus's made me check my bank account - got mine today !
Very handy - will go towards the increased heating bills Image Image