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go for it girl - you have nothing to lose but the weight Image Image Image Image
<t>I can relate to all of your problems - until about 10 years ago I was 3 stone overweight. I joined a slimming club and went from 12st to 9st in about 7 months. I kept the weight off reasonably easily for about 8 years. I retired and started caring about 2 years ago and in that time I have put on ...
And what about some things we are glad to be without: Smog - oh boy can I remember coming home after school and not being able to find our front door, the smog was thick yellow and your clothes and hair smelt terrible for days after. Not to mention the awful cough it gave you http://www.carersuk.org...

If ever I get to Cardiff I'd be more than happy to help out Image Image Image Image

<t>Hi Bluebird,<br/> <br/> Lidl and Tesco do a range of washing powder called DAISY - it's a lot cheaper than the usual brands but just as effective, my sister uses it regularly, and it's easier to get hold of than Makro's !!!! If space is at a premium, the concentrated liquid detergents don't take ...
<t>hi Bluebird<br/> <br/> Charity shops are a good source for cheap bedlinen - I've bought quite a few sheets, duvet sets etc at prices ranging from £1.25 for a double sheet to £3 for a double duvet set. Just check them over before buying - they have usually been laundered before being donated...
<t>Hi JohnBoy<br/> <br/> If you have a PRIMARK store locally you can get a pack of 5 pairs of ladies knickers for £2 - sometimes they are reduced to just £1 per pack !! We get them for Mum, they are very nice cotton and wash well - they have different styles (full, bikini, midi etc) to suit al...
Well done that man Image
Hi Karen

Our local hospice charity shop will take un-opened packs for resale in their shop - I've actually picked some up for my Mum this way.

Welcome Amberelen

good to have you on board Image