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There is a book that has been mentioned on this forum many times which should be mandatory reading for all Carers. the title is THE SELFISH PIG'S GUIDE TO CARING written by Hugh Marriott and published by Polperro Heritage Press. New it retails at £9.95 but you can get a used copy via Amazon from ...
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<t>Hi Redex<br/> <br/> Could be the pain medication your Mum is on after her op is making the dementia worse.<br/> <br/> We had exactly the same thing with my Mum after both her knee replacement operations. The first time she was on morphine and the 2nd time on Fentanyl (also an opiate) - she also h...
Hi Sparks

welcome to the forum

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Hello Imp,

welcome to the forum - we're a very friendly lot on here, always available for a moan or for a laugh - whatever is needed !

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<t>Hi Chrissie<br/> <br/> It's also in today's Daily Express. - like Parsifal says ignore the negative comments, there will always be those from the fruitcakes of this world - but you know the truth and that's all the matters. I hope you manage to get the fine quashed eventually.<br/> <br/> ((((((((...
Hi Jackie

welcome to the forum (or the madhouse as some of us know it !)
feel free to rant, rave, laugh or cry - we've all been there and will support you as much as we can.


that sounds great Bluebird - don't need it yet but it's going into my 'useful tips' notebook in case it's needed later Image
Welcome to the forum Gem 27 - you've come to the right place.

Everyone is very friendly and will offer you every support and advice if you want it - chatting and laughing is also allowed Image Image
[quote]One bloke on radio said in the memory clinics we can offer help and guidence such as training those with dementia how to remember by writting things down they will then remember where they have left their keys [quote] Oh come on how daft can people be - if you have memory problems you probabl...