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as a good catholic girl I agree with George
and like Bluebird - not much left to give up anyway Image Image Image
<t>We're quite lucky in some respects as my Father left my Mother fairly well provided for - but this has the obvious down side that she now has too much in savings for the State to step in to fund any care she needs and she has to pay for virtually everything. <br/> <br/> We did some figures yester...
Yeah i got one and started reading it but never got around to reading anymore lol Me too JohnT, its my bedtime reading, but I'm always to exhausted to read by the time my head hits the pillow http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif I've heard great reports about it though Susieq, so maybe ...
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To paraphrase the old saying - "you don't have to be mad to post here, but it helps"
There is a book that has been mentioned on this forum many times which should be mandatory reading for all Carers. the title is THE SELFISH PIG'S GUIDE TO CARING written by Hugh Marriott and published by Polperro Heritage Press. New it retails at £9.95 but you can get a used copy via Amazon from ...
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<t>Hi Redex<br/> <br/> Could be the pain medication your Mum is on after her op is making the dementia worse.<br/> <br/> We had exactly the same thing with my Mum after both her knee replacement operations. The first time she was on morphine and the 2nd time on Fentanyl (also an opiate) - she also h...
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Hello Imp,

welcome to the forum - we're a very friendly lot on here, always available for a moan or for a laugh - whatever is needed !

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<t>Hi Chrissie<br/> <br/> It's also in today's Daily Express. - like Parsifal says ignore the negative comments, there will always be those from the fruitcakes of this world - but you know the truth and that's all the matters. I hope you manage to get the fine quashed eventually.<br/> <br/> ((((((((...