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Thankfully it wont affect us but it would have done had the dn's and social services got their own way in 2011 when they wanted us to move to a bigger property in order to fit track hoists.We stuck to our guns and a damned good job we did.I have read all the stories about it and i really do sympaths...
http://www.itv.com/news/2013-02-01/tena ... al-misery/ That Cameron fellow sure has a lot to answer for with this one.Hes gunna bring hardship and misery to 1000's of people with this one as well as lower his popularity and it may lead to the demise of some people.Theres already a few suicide cases...
<t>Facebook is completely free and theres so much you can do on there from a simple chatting session with someone to playing games.Be aware though some of the games are very addictive as ive found out in the past lol.Its a great way to keep in touch with freinds though.Be careful what info you share...
Sincerest condolences Image Its not silly at all we all get attached to our pets.I know i was heart broken when dads dog passed away just before xmas 2011.
Merry Christmas to you too Scary Women Image

Merry Christmas to everyone else too Image

Lets hope they win the case and get things changed.We need more recognition for disabled people.Theres too much discrimination at the moment.
Looks nice Pete well the inside does i cant see any outside.
Think yourself lucky you dont live in England Bell or youd have to endure umpteen floods before you got a drain lol
We have no qualms about our home care workers or indeed the district nurses.I guess we must be lucky
Hmmm me thinks this forum lacks a Like button as in facebook where you can like a post.Sumat for CUK to ponder over.