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As you all know - I filled in the form using worse case scenarios, wrote down if there wasnt a suitable tick box ( no, there wasnt a box marked "never" when asking how often he can go out alone, so I wrote NEVER under all the boxes). He was assessed as capable of work - even though the his work ass...
Just read this, its disgraceful! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -work.html I agree its bloody disgraceful.Theres no way that woman could work at any job and Trish is in the same boat shed need a carer there all the time.The DWP are a bunch of heartless and mindless A**h***es they need ...
Just been looking at a sample of that form online and wow its so complicated isnt it.Sure gunna need to enlist help with that one from such as Physiotherapy.DN's GP Social worker etc.Maybe a Doctors note would help too.I wonder if that idiot Cameron knows just how much hastle hes giving folks.
Survey done with pleasure Image
Thanks for that info Lazydaisy and ladybird http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif Yeah i do know they are to have a go at just about everyone who is on benefits.We shall collate as much info as we can from such as the GP,DN's and probably the Carers.I guess its gunna be a nightmare to do it ...
<t>I dunno if this is in the right place or not but Trish has just recieved a letter from the DWP stating that the benefit she is receiving is changing.It states that they need to assess her for employment and support allowance.Basically it means they think she may be eligable to work.Nothing could ...
Happy Mothers day Ladies hope you all get spoiled Image
I dread to think what other idiotic schemes they are gunna dream up.Why not hit the fat cats more those earning over 100k do they really need to be on upwards of 100k ? Football players look at such as Man utd players how much they earn in one single game.Penalise them sods
We may be ok as it affects working age claimants only and in 2 years Paul will be an OAP and I cant see Sarah leaving home for years yet if ever

I hope you are Nilla but dont rely on those facts.Youd do well to find out about it.
We have 2 bedrooms what will happen if say Sarah gets semi independant and lives somewhere else but comes home for weekends?

Youll still get hit Nilla it applies to those that have kids staying over the weekend only Image