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I know how you feel - since losing our severely disabled 31 year old son 13 weeks ago we are totally lost. We don't know what to do with all this extra time. People are saying you should go on holiday but where to? We never thought oh as soon as our son is dead we will do this, this and that. I am w...
Its not true that this happens in Scotland - we could barely get help never mind any payment the rules state a close relative cannot be paid for providing care - perhaps it depends on where you live?

Thank you for putting the photos up.
Put a picture of Robert's headstone on my facebook page and on Robert's but i don't know how to put the photgraph on here to let everybody else see it.
My mother and father in law left everything to us and you know what? None of it means anything without our son. What is the point of having the money and nobody to leave it to? Ditto with buying a house. We don't drink, we don't smoke we don't go clubbing, both of our health is shot so a lot of holi...
SNP have a clear mandate in Scotland despite losing seats....However we have the Tories voted for by England foisted on us yet again. Its like being controlled by the bully living next door!

Pointless - changes nothing....
This was one of the last pictures we watched as a family in the children's hospital cinema and it was excellent. Wasn't something we would have gone to see when Robert was well and at home but it was very good. The last picture he saw the week before he died was Logan which was about Wolverine.

In Scotland the free personal care is only for the elderly but they still have to pay what they are calling "hotel costs" - people under pension age still have to pay. As usual they go on and on about pensioners and forget that young adults and children require social care too!

We drove to Kirkintilloch to a "Rampaging Romans and Crafty Celts" event. It poured with rain the whole time and the Romans didn't do much rampaging hiding in their tent most of the time but the Celts sat in their open sided tent making baskets etc despite the rain. Got chatting to one of the "Syria...