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<t>I THINK that national insurance stamp is already paid for you, when you are receiving Carers Allowance, and if that's the case you aren't receiving anything by signing on for Job seekers.<br/> <br/> Phone the CareUK helpline, I'm sure they will be able to answer your question correctly, and give ...
Yes Rosemary, but the 35 hours is a MINIMUM to claim CA. This means the £1.52p is the MAXIMUM amount that the Government is prepared to pay someone to keep the Caree out of the residential home/hospital..... which is saving them over £80 BILLION per year Add on top of that the numerous people who ...
<t>I don't think anyone gets 'free care' do they?<br/> <br/> We are on Pension Credit Guaranteed ( which is basically income support) Hubby is on the Higher rate of DLA and mobility - so they know he needs 24/7 care - and I am on middle rate DLA and higher rate mobility. We still have to contribute ...
Hi Rob

It's more like fear of breaking the damned thing and not having any money for repair or replacement.
Hi Elaine

Take a copy of your 'post' with you and ask them to read it before you start talking

Hopefully it will give them some idea of what you are trying to cope with.


Mine overlapped with my pension. Reached 60 and that was it!
Sounds just about right. Won't even buy a loaf of bread.

Guess we'll have to eat cake. Time for a revolution I think.
VITALISE have a number of places in different parts of the country. OH has been to Sandpipers and said it is excellent. You'll find them on the net.

If for ANY reason you go back to your Dads take a small tape recorder with you. Maybe when you play it back people will understand where you are coming from.