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A Happy New Year to all carers and former carers. I have had a terrible few days with, I think,, flu, but went out to spend this evening at my cousin's, and copiious amounts of mulled wine, plus the DVD of Mama Mia pulled me out of my depression!.


Thinking of you, your Nan and all your family, Karen.

Big Hug

XX Dee
Well, my team got a new manager and first Premier League win of the season, all in 24 hours - we're still bottom, but the only way is up!!!
<t>Hi Mark<br/> <br/> I know from bitter personal experience that IBS can be a very unpleasant, uncomfortable and often embarrasing condition to suffer from. Unfortunately, it is a very complex condition and no two cases are the same. I find that not only "trigger" foods, (ironically "healthy" stuff...
I'm proud (?) to say I support the strongest team in the Premier League - Tottenham are currently propping everyone else up!!!

Also keep an eye on AFC Telford results.
I’ve got to say I’ve had a rough year so far, struggling a lot as a carer during the first part of the year and then losing my dear Dad in June. Then there was the scary business of “reinventing myselfâ€Â
<t>Hi Mary<br/> <br/> I think you are doing an absolutely brilliant job looking after two people who so obviously depend on you so much. It nearly drove me bonkers being a full time carer for just one (my Dad), and I found that the only thing that prevented me from going totally doo-lally was having...
Yes, I was really surprised to see the topic classified as "Read Only" so quickly. But there were an awful lot of comments on the board, at least Carer's issues are now right out in the open.
<t>Having been a former carer now for nearly 3 months – sadly, my Dad passed away on 12th June – the calls for increased financial support for carers that have been in the news today gave me pause for thought.<br/> <br/> During the 18 months that I was a full-time carer for Dad, I rece...
Shocking day today, weatherwise, so no chance to paint the gate! On a positive note, I have now received the Housing Benefit statement from the council and this now appears to be all sorted out, which is a relief.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.