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What's the difference then in claiming CA?
The amount is irrelevent, being paid is being paid.
Ridiculous to say there would be line managers and out to tender, why?
Why would that be?
Not half as bad as being behind the person who decides to carry on shopping whilst their grocery's are already going through the checkout Image
<t>Just an update on this, son has now joined the disabled class, not ideal, but he's more comfortable and I think starting to learn things.<br/> Many of the EBD kids have dropped out altogether, so that helps as well, just holding our breath that he will be able to cross over to mainstream Art clas...
My MIL lives in Eire, so that would be the reason I don't see much of it Image
Only kidding, my dad was Irish.
Before I had my children and lived with disability I was so laid back to be almost horizontal, now I spend most of my time like a coiled spring. Was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's which apparently can be caused by stress! My biggest bugbear is chatty till operators, according to one of my sons ...
Wasn't this the person who said all SEN should be mainstreamed and then changed her mind?
Well if so, then hang around a bit as she will reserve her right to disagree with herself further down the line.
Absolutely Melly, 2 1/2 weeks! If you google iPAN you will find this therapy. The problem with Celebridees is they think the rest of us are just plain stoopid http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif My son has been having intensive therapy for over 2 years now and progress is slow but then ...
There will always be people who cheat the system, just like there are honest tax payers and dodgers but here's the thing whenever I had to fill in the forms for my kids I had to prove their case, supporting evidence was a requirement.
OK so it's a genuine question Image
No reason.