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I was told recently that my son's funding must only cover respite/PA or day centre and his previous allocated funds for Art materials are not allowed under new guidance. The problem is his PA used to work with him doing Art as it's one of his strengths and being ASD he doesn't socialise. I can't rea...
I can vouch for ABA/VB, my son is now 16 and very profoundly autistic with severe learning difficulties. There are some really crucial things that must be in place for success though, mostly everyone has to be on board, this was to blame for a lot of the problems I had. You need to be realistic, it ...
I think we can safely say that David Cameron wasn't hanging on receiving his CA in order to get by every week, he may be able to empathise with the emotional turmoil of having a disabled member of his family but lets keep it real, finances were not a concern.
<t>I would have expected Cameron to know what severe disability is, the thing is though he doesn't know what poverty is, and that's by any definition, the starving of the world or those using food banks here!<br/> Bowling bun, my son also has severe learning difficulties and it's a battle just to tr...
<t>Bowlingbun I think your holiday scheme sounds great, there is next to nothing here where I am for my 15yr old with profound autism and SLD, it's so sad really because he loves to get out and about but finding anything suitable is a major job, he needs full on care minimum 2-1, not remotely like t...
<t>Charles, it can be done given the right set of circumstances, we are reminded many times on this forum that every carer is different, anything that suggests carers can or cannot work is just a sweeping statement which will be no more than total nonsense to as many people as a truth to others.<br/...
Isn't it also about getting rid of statements which is a childs only legally binding document?
Also who decides what the budget will be?
<t>Exactly Parsifal, if they pay carers beyond CA it would be done in such a way that all this home is place of work nonsense would not be in the mix, perhaps through tax credit or other means, all academic anyway because more money for family carers? Don't think so.<br/> Shouldn't put people off su...
What's the difference then in claiming CA?
The amount is irrelevent, being paid is being paid.
Ridiculous to say there would be line managers and out to tender, why?
Why would that be?