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Thanks Matt Image I might join that forum myself, I have always had anxiety problems, even as a kid! Image
Christine I tried the link to the website 'nomorepanic', but it won't display?
how do you stop the fear i feel all the time, i no i,m going under cause i cry at the drop of a hat and want to stay in bed all the time. i don,t eat and worry 24/7 i am a nervous person anyway and i am alone really my sons arn,t much use to me and i am out of work now for about 6 weeks till i can ...
<t>Eagle you are entitled to your belief system, but not everyone shares it! When my husband was in a coma last year, I thought it kinder if he died. He has made a much better than expected recovery, but there are days when I think it still might have been kinder if he had died. I don't think life s...
<t>The girl has been ill since she was four-years-old, a transplant apparently had little chance of succeeding and would put her through more pain and distress, when the outcome might be no better! Some people want to hang onto life however miserable, others would sooner die in peace. This thirteen-...
I just wanted to cry today when I heard the story of the 13 yearold who has refused treatment so she can die,what kind of society are we that even her parents think this is acceptable. The right to die brigade,assisted suicide,euthanasia whatever you want to call it must be so proud that their 'mes...
Thanks Matt. Image

I must watch it again, but this time on the sofa, not under it! Image
I was about to look at my pms, but was deleting some old ones first, and deleted the lot! SORRY!!!! Image Image Please could you resend them!
We watched the North West addition as our TV is tuned to it!
This sort of silly nonsense really irritates me! Image Poppies were sold at my elementary school when I was a child in the 50s, we put the poppy in a convenient button hole, no pins needed!