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Sadly many Alzheimer's patients can become violent. A friend's elderly husband, an ex-para, became violent and even the staff of the home he was in found him hard to deal with. Mercifully he is now dead, I think death is preferable to the end stages of that disease.
I have listened to the Archers from the very first episode when I was in my pram! Image

My daughter's best friend's father has Alzheimers, and I think the story line is pretty accurate. He is now in a home as his wife can no longer cope with him.
Exalibur are you advocating paedophilia? Image

Any adult knowingly having a relationship with an underage child should be incarcerated for a very long time, imo!
Obviously violent offenders, paedophiles and the like should have the full weight of the law down on them too!
To be sent to prison for a year presumably means his crime was quite serious, and not just a misdemeanour! Cheating the benefits/tax systems is despicable, there is less in the pot for the honest citizens who don't cheat! Your friend deserves his sentence, imo.
I filled up our tank today and was pleasantly surprised to have only paid £319 compared with the £460 back in April!
<t>I was born 5 years after WW2 ended, but my island home had been occupied by the Germans. Our house had housed 13 of them!<br/> <br/> There was a lot of ordnance left over from the occupation and kids could easily get their hands on it. Bullets will explode if struck hard enough on the road! When ...
<t>My youngest daughter phoned to say she was checking her bank acount on line this afternoon and discovered that £30 had been taken out of her account by 02, with which she doesn't have an account! Her bank immediately refunded her money as it is a well known scam. People all over the country ar...
@ George the state is too busy looking after the Illegal imigrants and themselves to be bothered with the rest of us.
I don't think that is quite true!
I heard, a couple of years back, that Terry Wogan gets paid a fee of £22,000 for presenting the show!