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yes i have and sad to say they dont have a clue waste of space .
You certainly can't tar them all with the same brush! Image
<t>I have met a number of MPs in my time. I met Harry Cohen MP when I did the piece about carers for the Politics Show. MPs are no different to anyone else, some are nice, some are nasty. They are there to listen to their constituents concerns, so don't be afraid to put your points over. It is best ...
I contacted the DWP earlier this year, they were very polite and helpful.
One could hardly live on a Carer's Allowance, blimey it would hardly pay for a fortnight's groceries let alone anything else! Image
I have never had a problem telling people I am a carer, I have always had a good response.
What belongs to you legally but anybody can use it at anytime and you cant do a thing to stop them doing it.?

John-Paul is brilliant with his nephews and niece, they adore him. 'Little E' (5), seen in the photo below reckons that if they sold Uncle John-Paul on e-bay they would make lots of money because every child should have a special uncle like him. J-P is regarded as a status symbol Little E shows his ...
Hi Sarniajoy I have had 10 hours off a week since Sept this year where a sitter is with my Mum so that I can get out of the house which has been a great help. Dementia is just such a terrible illness, but then I guess all illness is difficult to cope with for different reasons. We just do our best....
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7741411.stm We adopted John-Paul when he was a baby, fully aware of his condition. If he had been born to us, no doubt we would have been shocked and grieved for the healthy baby we desired. It is normal for people to wish to give birth to a child without health is...
Blimey is that still on the go.It's been around a long time then Image
I believe the pilot episode was in 1950, and the series started in 1951. It is the longest running BBC soap by far.