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You certainly know who your friends are when your life changes like this. I don't think they mean to do it, they just start dwindling and then you see nobody at all. It's like "them" and "us" isn't it? You have to get a new circle of friends. Probably, folk that have the same thing in common. But i...
<t>I think one has to think of the needs of the family as a whole. Our eldest grandson(6) has Aspergers. He is extremely bright academically but finds social situations and change of routine almost impossible. His paretns do their very best to cope with his needs, but sometimes I think this is at th...
I agree that you do just adapt, what was terribly difficult to deal with practically and emotionally in the beginning becomes normal and you rarely think about how very different your life is, you even stop missing the friends that vanished when you could no longer do things with them, you realise ...
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Fortunately our eldest daughter has taken over our financial and business affairs as I am unequal to the task. We would be up the creek without a paddle with me at the helm! Image
I think we should be paid an allowance for each person for whom we care. Please sign this petition.

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<t>My husband to whom I have been married for 39 years is now disabled after suffering a brain haemorrhage in December 2006. He was a very intelligent, strong and assertive man, who was in complete control of our business affairs and finances. I ran the home but left the rest up to him, which suited...
I was surprised to discover that I was only entitled to one carer's allowance even though I care for two disabled people. I have created a Downing Street petition addressing this issue.

I care for my disabled husband and son. My son (23) has Down's Syndrome, my husband had a brain haemorrhage in December 2006 which has left him with severe brain damage.