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<t>Hi again, I have not been able to make our bed or bathe my Wife for over a Month now due to a Chronic back condition brought on by my caring role, our Macmillan Nurse, District Nurse team and GP's are all aware of this yet I have had no offers of help at all, my Wife is Incontinent both ways! and...
at the present time I am lying on my back on a cold kitchen floor unable to get up and with my Wife shouting for help but I am in agony with back pain with a laptop on my chest typing this post
my back has finally given in after 2 and a half Years of caring and lifting my Wife what now?
but unfortunately we are Anglo Saxon Natives so we get nOWT!
God how I wish we were Asylum seekers as we would get all the Help we needed!!!
however we are currently both Ill with Botulism due to our Scavenging habit!!!
we only get the DLA Allowance and Mobility Allowance that is all, we are destitute and I have considdered turning to crime to get by, there seems to be no other way for us, I go to the local Teso Store to scavange Their Waste Bins!!!
Brilliant!" LOL
simply refuse to care for your caree until you receive at least the Minimum wage simple! leave your Home and let the Gov look after them!, I am sorely tempted!
<t>be carefull regarding letting social services into your house!, I recently cancelled our assesments due to the fact they can now take control of your Financial affairs using the DOL Act! no thanks!, they will want to know everything so be aware, no way will I disclose my Personal Finances to them...